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Bloody Wall Backdrop

Get all the blood without all the splatter! Simply hang up to create the perfect photo-op or haunted scene. Cover every square inch of your room with blood trails that span 40 feet long and 4 feet high. Tack, tape or stick the graphic sheet to the walls of any space to horrifically transform it into a thing of nightmares. Incite terror and fright with ease using a decoration as versatile as your imagination!

Spans 40 Feet Long, Enough to Cover Entire Rooms and Outdoor Areas
An atmosphere setting Decoration that is Easy to Set-up with tape or tac’s Fill an Area or Space quickly with Blood and Gore without the mess
Add a Horrific touch to a Party, Gathering or Event or Stage a Mystery Murder Scene
Made from water proof Polyvinyl that is good indoors and out in most any setting

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